Marvel Collector Corps Ending - No Deadpool 2 box?

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Marvel Collector Corps Ending - No Deadpool 2 box?

Postby anthonyv8 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:08 am

So, just found out that the Marvel Coolector Corps subscription boxes are ending with the current box up for order, April's Avengers: Infinity War:

Kind of disappointed as I was hoping to see a Deadpool 2 box soon.

Site above says: "After the discontinuation date of the subscription offering, Funko will be transitioning the Marvel Collector Corps collectibles box to retail. Funko will be partnering with an exclusive retailer to deliver a Marvel Collector Corps box as a retail offering."

Maybe we will still get something? Who do you guys think wil be the 'exclusive retailer'? Target? Walmart?

I didn't buy these on a regular basis, but I still have quite a few from DP, Spidey, GoTG, etc., so it's a shame to see the subscription option go, as it was an easy way to get stuff delivered outside of the US. Hopefully those of us that don't live in the US will be able to get them from our usual Funko suppliers in our respective countries...
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Re: Marvel Collector Corps Ending - No Deadpool 2 box?

Postby PoolFan » Sun Feb 18, 2018 11:50 am

I’m betting that these will go to either Hot Topic or GameStop/Think Geek. I think they will do away with the shirt because it would be a pain for the store to have to carry multiple of each size.
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