Deadpool 'Club Merc' boxes from Loot Crate

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Deadpool 'Club Merc' boxes from Loot Crate

Postby anthonyv8 » Fri May 18, 2018 8:29 pm

Hi all. Apologies for not posting this sooner - I've been unwell and dragging myself out of bed to see DP2 yesterday was not a good idea (I had prebooked my ticket and was not missing out). I don't regret it at all, jut not a good idea...

You've probably seen the post I already did for the Loot Crate DX Deadpool special box for this month, well LC are at it again, this time with a quarterly subscription box just for Deadpool stuff, 'Club Merc': [Maybe it should be called 'Club Merch'? :P ]

I swear I'm not a shill for these guys :lol:

Supposedly it's "Official and original Deadpool collectibles and gear! Stuff you can’t get anywhere else!". It tweaked my interest enough that I decided to take a punt on this. DP2 has me feeling positive about things at the moment . :D

The boxes are shipped 4 times a year and are a decent price. If you sign up for the full year (4 boxes) now you get the boxes for a cheaper price, plus you also get a bonus. The site doesn't say what the bonus is, but there's a PR release online that says it will be "a full set of Geeki Tikis featuring Deadpool himself, along with other members of the Deadpool Family". Not sure if it will be the movie family (i.e. Cable, Domino, etc.) or the Deadpool Corps, but as a freebie it's not bad. I haven't seen any reference to these anywhere else, so maybe it's a good start to showing it's "Stuff you can’t get anywhere else".

[EDIT: Just has a thought - maybe it's a set of Tikis in the colours of the various DP suits - x-force/grey, weapon x/black, x-men/blue, etc. I'd be happy with that.]

As is usual, I managed to find a discount code - unfortunately it's only good until 19 May. MSA25 will get you 25% off any length subscription. I went with the 12 month option, so with the discount I only paid for 3 boxes at the cheaper rate. According to the fine print, the MSA25 code will work "until 5/19/18 at 9pm PT", so hopefully some of you can still use it.

The first box can be ordered until 9pm PT on June 30th (it ships in early July). And as always, don't forget to cancel your subscription if you only want the one box, etc.
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Re: Deadpool 'Club Merc' boxes from Loot Crate

Postby PoolFan » Fri May 18, 2018 11:40 pm

I’m in for the year. Thanks again Anthony!
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Re: Deadpool 'Club Merc' boxes from Loot Crate

Postby misterviking » Sun May 20, 2018 5:05 am

Yeah I got in on this too. Thanks!
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