Marvel legends

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Marvel legends

Postby poolshostage » Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:55 pm

So i'm getting big time spider-man and Fantomex tommorow!
but is anyone else a little disappointed with the availibility and pricing of these figures these days!?
Back in the day you could get them for like $7.99
and that's not a lie i can find pictures of series 6 Deadpool with a price tag that says $7.99!? by the way i payed $100 for him. Anyways now these figures are $24.99 a figure here!? and are really hard to find!
and i am not buying a set of them for $195 aka that's what one of the stores here is doing!?
But tommorow i hope nay i pray to you lord please have Fantomex and big time spider-man there for when i arrive!
also the only figure i manged to get is super soldier steve rogers from series 1 i wanted blue flame ghost rider as well but he's gone!?
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Re: Marvel legends

Postby Ramystein » Sun Mar 25, 2012 11:32 am

Yea, I know two people who religiously collect these. They could make a fortune if they sold off half of their collections. I think they both took up collecting them cause they were so cheap, but I guess the companies know you will pay a little more if they make em harder to find as well as know someone is gonna turn around and slap an even bigger price tag on em once they get their hands on em.

Hell, my friend called me the other day cause him and his wife were ransacking the Toys R Us in Manhattan the day they came out and asking if I wanted any (even though I don't even collect them)

The only one I ever bought was a Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider one from ages ago (and one of my friends still hounds me to this day for it, even though the only reason I bought it was to keep it out of the package and display it on my desk).
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