Wii U Memory Expansion

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Wii U Memory Expansion

Postby TCIX » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:01 am

So I have a Wii U that I love and with Xmas coming I know exactly what I want to get: Xenoblade Chronicles X

Now as a short history lesson, the Wii U comes in 2 models: 8gb and 32gb with a price difference of $50. so OBVIOUSLY anyone smart would just go for the 32gb package, which is what I did. now 7gb of that is just for the existing settings and programs and junk so its got a 25gb capacity which really isn't a problem. I mean, Mario Kart 8 weighs in around 5gb and Hyrule Warriors at 7gb but that's still very large for the average Wii U game.

Xenoblade Chronicles X? 22gb. On top of that, the Nintendo eShop now has 4 DLC patches for the game for free which improve graphics and loading because they couldn't even fit it onto the freaking game disc its that big. As a scale for the size of the games open world, Skyrim sits around 37km2, Witcher 3 is estimated at about 160-200km2. XCX is 400km2. which means my options are to wipe almost everything on my console just to play this game, or get external memory. There are 3 options presented to me:

1) drop like $20 and get a 32gb flash drive. the downside? the game would not only be installed but be saving and run off of the flash drive, which is not designed to handle that much writing and rewriting traffic. it would burn out pretty fast, not to mention sacrifice quality of the game.

2) drop anywhere from $60-$100 for a portable hard drive and a USB Y cable, giving me 500gb of memory that I really wouldn't need.

3) drop well over $100 for an external hard drive provided I have a wall plug available, gain anywhere from 500gb to 2tb of memory that I would never need.

Obviously the smartest idea is option 2 for my situation but its bugging me that I cant find a smaller portable hard drive to cut down on the cost. It means id be dropping almost $200 to play this game. Has anyone else tried to expand their Wii U memory? Thoughts on the situation? (honestly this was more of a ranting topic to clear my head)
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Re: Wii U Memory Expansion

Postby BillyOfBillycartLane » Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:14 am

I don't own a Wii U, but you can get hard drive enclosures for next to nothing. Then you can go down to your closest computer market and get a cheap old internal drive to use in it. If it's 2.5" (laptop size,) the USB cable will be sufficient for supplying power. The overall cost should be dirt cheap if you find something at 100gb or less.

They should work fine with anything that can read an external hard drive, but obviously you'd be better off making absolutely sure first.
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