New Deadpool & Spidey/DP codes for sale

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New Deadpool & Spidey/DP codes for sale

Postby denkan » Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:10 pm


I subscribe to both "Deadpool" and "Spider-Man/Deadpool".

For a while now a friend of mine has been giving me $1 each for the digital codes, as soon as I get them. But he no longer wants the codes.

If anyone here is interested in getting codes for either or both series going forward, message me and we'll work something out.

I have the latest two issues of Deadpool, 20 and 21, with the codes ready to go, as well as the most recent issue of Spidey/DP. And I might actually have some random codes from the last few months too. Like, I might still have DP 19 or 19, and maybe SM/DP from August or something. I forget just when my friend stopped getting the codes.

Anyway, there's the offer for you. $1 each per code, and don't forget that some of the DP issues are huge giant size issues.
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