Post Day-M (198 Mutants left)

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Post Day-M (198 Mutants left)

Postby mmmCake » Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:42 pm

Random question, but I never really found an answer...

Ok so Scarlet Witch says "no more mutants". First off, her powers are usually limited to her surroundings... this was global! Second, how come 198 mutants kept their x-gene intact? Was there ever an explanation for both those things?

Just curious... why 198. Significant number? Also, how was she able to reach a worldwide scale?

Imagine her in the shower yelling "GOD DAMNIT, NO MORE SOAP ?!" lol
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Re: Post Day-M (198 Mutants left)

Postby DoctorBlack » Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:54 pm

Retcons man, a lot of retcons. At first her powers were somewhat short range hexes. Then it was retconned to manipulation of Chaos Magic, which gave her ridiculous power upgrades.(which is how Wonder Man came back to life.) Then is was retconned again with Chaos Magic apparently not being a real thing(according to Doctor Strange), and that Wanda was just altering reality all along. And this is where you question comes in, at this point, her powers became nearly multiverse altering upon that final retcon.

My source is the Marvel wiki. Admittedly though I looked into it because you raised a good question. I just never looked into it before because prior to A vs X-men I literally had never read a comic with Scarlet Witch in it, so I didn't even question it at the time.

Seriously though, having a character that powerful who's a regular raises way too many questions. Like what she just said, "All villains will die of heart attacks", or, "no more blondes" This wouldn't be so big a problem if she as a character was non interventionist, but apparently she's always on earth, which in of itself raises a lot of questions as to why she couldn't just stop the secret invasion by saying "no more skrulls" or a number of other things. It seems (at least from my perspective) her powers come into play when it's convenient for the plot, and it seems like those 198 mutant were wearing plot armor or something. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see why one moment it's probability fields, and then another moment she's pretty much a god. Made worse when you consider that Wanda apparently wasn't sure if the "no more mutants" spell could be undone by her....for some reason... I don't know I'd probably have to read the comic for it to make more sense.

The most recent retcon in Avengers vs x-men says chaos magic now is a real thing again, and she has mutant magic(which I'm not sure if it's related to chaos magic or if they're two different things), and it also states the source of her chaos magic is cosmic.

And with some more searching apparently her enhanced powers were a result of Doom and Wanda's attempts to ressurect her children...I think it makes more sense in context of the comic...or the power apparently was too much and it overtook her. This was all part of a plan by doctor doom to take the powers for himself, and when he does he becomes Omnipotent and more powerful than the Beyonder. Then Wanda and Wiccan take his powers....somehow...I don't know maybe it makes more sense in the comic...point is Wanda's a retcon nightmare and her character as a result has become a mess. I think the Avengers vs. X-men retcon was meant to clean her up a bit and be more comprehensive, but it only did so much because a lot of questions on her powers have to be went on with this for too long....anyway, thanks for giving me something to research...I hope this cleared up something...or not...maybe you knew all of this already.
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