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Deadpool Mug

Postby A2DG » Mon Dec 08, 2014 8:51 am

Two thing I want to say here
1- F**** Universal studios in Orlando FL
2- Deadpool mug is fugly.

Long story short

I go to universal studios at least once a month.
At the marvel area they have a "comic book shop"
Everytime I go there I check for deadpool stuff, and I must say the past here the number of products have increased +100% no joke, and theres always people buying dp shirts and stuff, it wouldnt surprise me if one day dp gets his own ride :)

Nways I saw this coffee/tea mug deadpools face... 26,99 no box, chipped on the bottom , whatever I thought that was regular price and how it came.... ( I wanted one to drink my butterbeer).

Last night when I got home I went to my LCS, only to find the freaking mugs sitting in a shelf right behind the cashier, in a nice display box all new not chipped..... I asked how much thinking it would be more than universal.... 15,99 -.-

Now to review the mug
I dont know if the story made me bitter
but the mug is damn ugly.........
deadpool face is all melted, piglet nose, lazy eyes.........
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