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MyDeadpoolMovie - HELP!

Postby poolguy0013 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 7:19 pm

I want to come up with ideas and create a script for a Deadpool movie that I want to get made.
I need HELP!
This is technically a long-term business offer mixed with a creative project.
I really just want a team of thinkers that love the character Deadpool and are interested in making a movie about him from our own story.
Don’t turn away because it sounds silly (or when I tell you my age in a bit). I can get this film made, with some time, and actually pay anyone who wants to help now!

I have the main idea set down, but I was hoping to find a website where I could contact anyone online who may be interested in brainstorming any and every idea there is for an epic Deadpool movie. It does not have to be a sequel to the new movie because I want to be able to get this done as a beautiful remake in the future. It does sound overwhelming and unbelievable, but I believe if I can find the right people to help me out and even become powerful allies in my dream of becoming an independent filmmaker and making a cinematic masterpiece, I can get this done as a mainstream blockbuster in the future.

I have loads of time and I am 18 years old, but I want to start my legacy now.

Obviously anyone who is willing to help me come up with any story and character ideas at all would be listed clearly in the credits and become part of a real filmmaking team that I will surely be able to put together in the near future. How near is of course a question of how many people I can get on board with a shared and unique vision of how we could make the most fun and meaningful superhero film of all time, and how willing you are.

I cannot do all of this alone. I have a step-by-step plan in order for getting this film truly made with time, and step 1 is simply coming up with great, fun, and varied ideas for a compelling and visually stunning story. I have very fun ideas already for the basic premise and all I need now is for other actual human people to help me out. I am not in a social environment at the moment and have resorted to online interaction, which in my past experiences has not been successful, so my only hope is that this message will get read.

And consider it not as a helpless dream of a stranger that is futile to put any of your time towards, but as a realistic and intense project that can be made a reality if I have intelligent and fantastic people to help me simply think and explore a Deadpool Universe.
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