Fabian Nicieza Interview: Deadpool & Cable

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Fabian Nicieza Interview: Deadpool & Cable

Postby Captain Stacy » Wed Sep 16, 2015 4:05 pm

DF Interview: Fabian Nicieza, creator of ‘Cable & Deadpool’, now brings us, er uh, ‘Deadpool & Cable’
By Byron Brewer September 16 2015

Writer Fabian Nicieza and artist Reilly Brown in 2004 hit upon comics team-up gold with Cable & Deadpool. It was an immensely popular pairing of one of the Marvel U's biggest clowns with one of its biggest bad asses.

In October, the duo (Nicieza & Brown, not Cable and Deadpool) return for a whole new spin on the pair.

It's called Deadpool & Cable.

The mag will premiere in October as a six-issue digital-first series in Marvel's Infinite Comics format. It'll also be packaged as a physical comic with two digital installments in each print issue. The first of those will hit real-life shelves in December.

Dynamic Forces wanted the 411 on the mini, and so we sat down with Fabian Nicieza to see what we have coming: a buddy comedy or a bloodbath!

Dynamic Forces: Fabian, how does it feel to reunite with Reilly Brown 10 years later for another go at these very familiar characters?

Fabian Nicieza
: It feels great! I didn’t even realize we’d stopped working on the book monthly until someone mentioned it to me! I’d been writing it pretty regularly in my head, so I was planning on scripting issue #132 next month!

DF: For longtime fans, you are almost synonymous with the success of Deadpool. What does this character mean to you? Was he important to your career as a writer?

Fabian Nicieza: First, I would take tremendous offense to the use of the word “almost.” There are indigenous tribes in the Amazon where if you say “Fabian” to them, they will respond, “Deadpool.” I mean, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

As for what the character means, well, a lot of things. First and foremost, he is always a reminder of a really fun, exciting time in my life when Rob and I were working on New Mutants #98 and life was a miasmal tangle of gold chains and women with long legs.

On a creative level, Deadpool comes from a part of my brain that most relatively “normal” suburban family men don’t get a chance to access. Even by the standards of writing comics for 30 years, Deadpool allows me a chance to think and say things that I would likely get slapped for saying in public.

It’s cathartic to be able to swim through the brackish fluid inside Wade’s mind and I think I’m a better friend, father, husband and citizen for it, since it lets me get all the crap that’s in my head out of my system!

DF: If memory serves, this new series – Deadpool and Cable: Split Second – is a six-issue digital first, correct?

Fabian Nicieza: Wow, that’s some memory considering they announced it like a week ago [as the interview was conducted]. You have Kreskin-like recall there, Byron! And yes, it is digital-first, six chapters starting in October.

The 3-issue print version will begin in December and in a complete coincidence, coincide with the February release date of the Deadpool movie! Did you know there was a Deadpool movie coming out? Every time I mention it on the interwebs, Fox Feature Films sends me a muffin basket.

DF: Oookay … Before you check the mail for muffins, Fabian, tell us a little about the limited series, how it came about and its storyline.

Fabian Nicieza:
It came about because I asked former editor Mike Marts if I could pretty please write something with Deadpool. He probably suggested to DP editors Jordan White and Heather Antos that the schedule could probably support a Deadpool project that was not as well written as what Brian and Gerry were doing in the monthly book, and they agreed!

They were a bit wary about approaching me with the digital comic idea, maybe thinking it would be hard to teach an old dinosaur new tricks, but it was just the opposite. I’ve worked on a lot of content development across multiple platforms in my non-comics life, so the chance to play with the storytelling possibilities of the digital format was right in line with stuff I’ve been doing for the last ten years!

Reilly was on-board soon after and I asked if we could co-plot the story, since a lot of what works best in the digital format is very “artist-driven”. The storytelling requirements include arranging the panel layout and the scrolling of panels to maximize a feeling of movement, and I don’t think a writer micro-managing a script is the best way to capitalize on that.

As we discussed a few of the story ideas I had in mind, we selected one that had a built-in story conceit – a villain who can rewind time in limited increments – to best take advantage of the format.

DF: Will we have a buddy adventure here or is there some unease among these old allies?

Yes and yes.

(See, I can give a brief answer once in a while!)

DF: The name of the LS is “Split Second,” referring to time. Will any of the multiple of Cable’s time-related story threads play a part in this adventure?

Fabian Nicieza: The title is actually the name of the villain. But … as a result of events that occur in the story and how one accidental death escalates into a couple of hundred deaths, we end up on a bit of a trippy time travel escapade that will also provide Deadpool a hands-on look at the challenges Cable has faced in his difficult life.

DF: To follow up a little about what you mentioned earlier, Fabian, tell us more about Reilly’s contribution to this creator re-teaming.

Fabian Nicieza
: He’s done very little except bask in my aura and expect me to pay the bar tab. Honestly, other than co-plotting it, breaking down the storyboards to generate kinetic animated sequences, pencil and ink the first chapter, then pencil the rest and offer dialogue suggestions (which I use because, hey, saves me time), and plan for the birth of his first child, he really has been totally dogging it throughout this entire project.

I’ll never work with him again until the next time I get to work with him. Which, by the way, if enough of you buy the digital comic and/or the print version of this project, could take a lot less time than the seven years it took for us to work together again!

Dynamic Forces would like to thank Fabian Nicieza for taking time out of his busy schedules to answer our questions. Deadpool & Cable: Split Second #1 premieres digital-first in October, with print issues hitting shelves in December!

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