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Re: Deadpool Trading Thread

Postby shibori78 » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:52 pm

I have for trade:
Ms. Marvel #41
Deadpool Vol. 2 #12
Capt. America: Who Won't Wield the Shield one-shot (Not technically Wade Wilson---some relative. And the comic is kinda crummy, IMO)
Fear Itself: UXF
Cable and Deadpool #46

There are several DP issues I'd like to get, but these are at the top of my list ---provided there's a substantial amount of Deadpool in them:
Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2
Agent X: everything except 1, 4, 8 ---I doubt this will be released in TPB form anytime soon
Wolverine Vol.2: 88, 154, 155, Annuals 1995, 1999
Silver Sable: 23, 30

poolshostage wrote:I have An extra Deadpool/Thunderbolts Trade paperback
X-force 11 1991
Wolverine 155

I PM'd you regarding Wolvie 155

Graygod, I also sent you a PM about a possible exchange
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Re: Deadpool Trading Thread

Postby Tom34772 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:21 pm

I don't know if anyone is still checking this thread out, but here's my updated list...

Here's what I have:
    Deadpool (1997) -1 (VF/NM)
    1 (NM)
    4 (NM)
    10 (VF+)
    11 (NM)
    12 head variant (NM)
    18 (NM)
    27 (NM)
    28 (NM)
    31 (NM)
    36 (NM)
    41 (VF+)
    50 (NM)
    51 (NM)
    54 (VF/NM) Could be NM-
    61 (NM-)
    65 (NM-)
    66 (NM-)
    67 (NM)
    68 (VF/NM)
    69 (NM)
    Agent X #15 (VF)
    Deadpool (2008) 1 (NM)
    Prelude to Deadpool Corps 1 (McGuiness variant) (VF/NM)
    Deadpool Corps 1 (sketch variant) (VF/NM)
    I also have some Cable & Deadpool stuff. Off the top of my head 1, 10, 12, 18, 35-50 (all NM- or higher).
    Age of Ultron #1 Hastings variant (NM+)
    Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Hastings variant (NM)

What am I looking for?
    Marvel Legends Deadpool/Warpath (red costume) new in box
    Hulk (2008) 14 (Deadpool variant)
    Hulk (2008) 16 (Deadpool variant)
    Siege (2010) 3 (Deadpool variant)
    Marvel Best of Minimates Punisher/Deadpool (Two pack)
    Deadpool Logo Pin (can't find it)
    SquirrelPool statue (from SDCC)
    Other stuff that I don't have... LOL

OK, that's it. DPL

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